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Who Am I
Who am I… now that’s a rather peculiar question. For one reason or another, my purpose as well as my origin had lain enshrouded in a fog of mystery since my first breathe I remember taken. And because of this tragic and or fortunate event, I am left astray with no direction to lead my path. But fear not, no sadness dwells in my soul at all. Instead, there’s an alluring curiosity entices my steps, beckoning me to continue the unknown trail. And with it I advance further and further giving full consent and total compliance.

What am I… yet another intricate puzzle that is yet to be solve, for the answer was long lost ago with in my hidden past. The fact of the matter is I can’t identify who I am. But I can surely describe my many features. To most people, I am an androgynous being with a fair skinned form that shares an equilibrium with masculinity and femininity. Emerald robes clothe my body as my long black silk hair falls down and conceals parts of my face. On my ankles and wrists are four golden bracelets, jeweled with stones of sapphire and runes of a forgotten language devoured by time. For some odd reason these trinkets I war emanate nostalgia by mere touch, sending sensations of warmth and safety. Brown hand woven sandals accompany my feet as my fingers and toes are coupled with nails that bare hues of marble white. To all who place their gaze upon me, my form is not  very different to that of a common human equipped with studious eyes that radiate with an otherworldly purple tint. And to complete the Image of my physical appearance, a long wooden staff lays in the grasp of my right hand. And in my left, an old leather bound book is placed in its reach.

Now as for the matter of fact about what I do… That I can gladly answer with confidence. My past has been obscured and fragmented by a mysterious force, preventing me to recall my memories. With no recollection of heritage or home, the curse of solitude hovers over like a vulture, waiting patiently and watching from the skies that hang over me. But despite this all, I continue my travels that take me to deep depths and great heights. I have ventured through lands that have been scarred by war and cities that reap fruits of love and affection. Worlds of darkness and evil have been discovered and heavens of divine light have been witnessed. And with every event that my gaze has captured, I record their tale, binding their mark and existence by literature and poetry. Thusly, I began the creation of my archives, filling its contents with tales and stories from faraway lands and otherworldly realms. From myths of man's greatest fears that claw from the shadows to bands of heroes that banish the wickedness. One by one, I immortalize each story, storing the contents in my personal library.

But one more question still remains, seeking resolution. What is MY story? I know the tales of many brave and fascinating souls. But the tale of my own past lays hidden. Who am I really? Was I destined to record lore for all eternity? Or does a great secret lie with in the depths of my grey past? All of these are without answers and certainty. And yet I still carry on my stride, journeying to the next world that welcomes me with open arms. I endlessly search and scan every realm I come across, finding new lore to examine and store. And maybe one day, the knowledge I so dearly wish for will be discovered. Until that day, my title will carry with with every word I invoke.

Who am I? … I am the wanderer that travels beyond realms. I am the one collector of forgotten lore…My name is PascalSage.
so on a random Idea, I decide to turn my writing muse into a story character. personally, I kind of like how this came out. It has a mysterious but gentle vibe and now ever since i made I personified my muse, I see him in the back ground just watching my characters interact and such. :)
WhiteRavenLord Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Now you're getting it. I've done the same. XD
PascalSage Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2014
I sure did lol.
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March 1, 2014


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