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Vanessa rushed into her apartment, slamming the door out of pure excitement. Today was the day. She knew it was here. She could feel it in her very bones. The night of spooks and candy, haunts and frights, chills and thrills. It was October 31st; Halloween. She couldn't be any happier to get off work, especially with all her plans for tonight.

Vanessa has always loved Halloween. Ever since she could remember she would always count the days until the great night of horror, wandering what she should wear, what place to go for candy and dances. To her, Halloween was the ultimate holiday. She couldn't keep her excitement contained any longer. Her long blond pigtails bounced as she skipped all around her apartment, letting the spirit of trick-or-treating possess her body. So what if it was technically a kid's holiday, she thought. She was going to have fun tonight. A giggle slipped past her Ruby lips as she flew into her room. "Time to get dressed for tonight!" She chirped, running to her closet before swinging it open. Revealing her wardrobe.

There was another reason for her happiness that sang in her mind as she rustled through her clothes. It took almost two weeks to convince her boyfriend to do it, but it was finally set in stone. Finally! And the wait for it to happen nearly drove her up the wall. But now it was time to unveil the big event, the main dish of this full course meal of fun.

Her hand stopped as she went over to a black and red jester outfit, taking it off the rack as her smile widened. The bells jingled and her eyes fluttered with joy, feeling the soft fabric of the costume. "Oh Mr.J" she cooed to herself, humming softly as she began to don her uniform for tonight.

It was happening. It was finally happening. Her boyfriend and she were going to dress up as the joker and Harley, the dynamic mad duo. So any slips of insanity were excusable. For tonight, she was going to be one crazy chick. Even when she began to slip on her tights, Vanessa couldn't help but get into character, raising the pitch of her voice, giggling to herself hysterically. She always loved Harley. Out of all the super villains in comics, Harley always popped up in her mind. The way she would swoon over joker, playfully berate Batman, every bit of the jester's quirky attitude enticed her. And comics weren't even her thing. However, truth be told, she did one a stack of her comics. But it was a carefully guarded secret hat only her closest friends knew.

Vanessa finished dressing herself, finalizing her look as she managed to fasten the zipper on her corset. She squeaked with joy, skipping to the bathroom to get a good look of herself. As she looked at the mirror she paused, taking in the sight with her eyes. She couldn't believe how well she fit the part. All that time spent decorating, sewing, and planning, and here was the fruit of her labor. Everything came together flawlessly, almost to the point that she had made a splitting image of Harley herself. She was just like her from the comics and her pride was now skyrocketing through the roof because of it. The smile on her face brightened as she twirled around in place. "Alright! Now to wait for my man to arrive." She cheered. She glanced at her phone, suddenly pouting afterwards. "Damn. Only 6:30."

Her friends and her boyfriend, Zack were going to be by around 7. It was only a mere thirty minutes. But even that was too long of a wait for the pigtailed blonde. She walked out of the bathroom, contemplating, wandering what to do the pass time? Watch TV? No, she thought. Maybe grab a quick bite to eat before they got here? She dashed the idea instantly, remembering her diet. Reread her comics? Again, another fizzled idea…but the thought did cross her mind a couple times.

Vanessa plopped on her couch, puffing out a frustrated sigh. Indecisive and running through a long list of invalid option, all she did was sat there, thinking. If only Zack could come here sooner. If only he could be the first one to see her all dress. Another exhale blew past her lips as she imagined his face, seeing him gleam with joy as he lays his beautiful brown eyes on her. She closed her eyes, picturing him in her head. His short black hair, his tail and lanky stature, the way he wears his demon jeans and leather jacket like he some kind of rock star. It was kind of cheesy to be honest. But she couldn't help but think he was cute every time he didn't. She laid her head down, enjoying the little bit of mental eye candy in her head.

But then a stray thought start to worn inside her train of thoughts, unsettling itself in Vanessa. Where has Zack been lately? The last time he had actually heard from him was when he agreed to dress up as the joker. But that was almost a week ago. There wasn't so much as a phone call or even a text from him afterwards. It worried her. Zack wasn't the type to leave a relationship so suddenly or do anything shady under the table. He was loyal and she knew that for a fact. But even this was bizarre for him. The last things he said was. "I want to make this a surprise for you." Before they kissed and said their goodbyes. What did he mean by that? Vanessa thought hard about the question, thinking about what could have happened, hoping that nothing terrible had fallen on him. Why would he all the sudden just-


The sudden sound of the doorbell shook her out of her thoughts, springing her up on her feet. Quickly she glanced at her phone, seeing it flash "6:45". Strange, she thought. Were the trick-or-treaters out already? Or was it just her neighbors? Or maybe... she gasped at a sudden hunch and bolted for the door, unlocking it before ripping it open. Her eyes wildly searched but not for long as she saw who it was right in front of her face. He stood tall in a dark purple clown tuxedo, complete with a little red rose over his heard. Black dress shoes housed his feet and white gloves covered his hands. His hair was jet green and slicked back nicely, shined with hair gel. Vanessa face brightened as she could recognize who was under the snow white powder that colored his face. Zack!

She was at a loss of words. Zack looked impressive, dare she say handsome as the joker. And the amount of detail he put in his costume was as if she made it herself. Her jaw almost drop as a jealously and surprise beamed outward. Was this the reason why Zack never called her in the first place? Zack grinned widely, showing his yellow teeth.

"There's my little Harley!" He exclaimed, masking his voice like the mad criminal mind himself. His chest puffed out, acting like a gentlemen, yet still keeping the jokers persona.

"Pudding!" Vanessa shouted cheerfully, jumping on top of him with open arms. She latched on to him and planted a loving kiss right on to his cheek, letting the Harley side of her take over for now. "Mr.J, where have you been?" She said as she hugged him. "I was so worried you had forgotten about me. You had me wandering where you were."

“Oh, don't worry Harley." Zack replied, carrying his side of the performance. “I do like dress to impress. And that does mean starting my parties with a big BANG!" He clapped his hands madly as he laughed, spinning Vanessa around like a happy little child. “Now, why don't we head out to our carriage? The main event awaits us."

The two walked out of the apartment building, giggling and laughing like the mad couple. Vanessa was ecstatic and filled with joy. She couldn't believe it. It was finally happening. The crazy crime duo was reality. She snuggled up against Zack as he marched down the stairs, leading a bubbly girl outside to the parking lot. She couldn't have been any happier. It was just the two of them, happily together and spending time at Halloween. Can this night get any better already? Was there even a possibility for that to happen? She didn't care. The only thing that was on her mind was her "joker" that led her.

The two then entered the parking lot and Vanessa instantly located Zack's dark blue truck across on the other side. She stopped the moment she recognized it, seeing something was off. On the bed of vehicle was a giant metal box that filled the entire space. Thick chains anchored down the massive container at all four corners, keeping it stationary on the truck. Vanessa stared at the strange object as she slowly approached it, scanning it, her curiosity filling her thoughts. Her jaw almost dropped at the size of it. And it made her wander again about what he had in mind.

"Zack?" She said trailing off as she approached his truck with caution. "What is this?"

Zack only quirked a brow her way. "Zack?" He said quizzically. “Who’s Zack?" Despite the question, he still kept his crazed smile. And he continued before Vanessa could even have a chance to reply. "Harley, I don't know what you're talking about dear. It's only me."

She paused for a moment, still finding the situation a bit odd. But ignorance told her otherwise. She trusted Zack. Why should she stop right now? Her confused look was replaced with her wide smile back at him. "Oh sorry Mr.J" he said back. "I'm just wandering what's inside this here box." He leaned over to get a better look at the container, inspecting the metal walls. The door had a closed off metal slit on it along with two heavy handles that barred the door shut.

"I did say I wanted to start things with a bang." Zack spoke with a dark chuckle trailing his voice. Vanessa swung her hips playfully, glancing at the container before she went back to Zack.

"Can I see?" She chirped

"Oh no no no." Zack shook his head. “This is the big surprise. I can't have you looking inside just yet."

"Aw why not?" She pouted.

"No. Not happening Harley."

"But Mr.J" Vanessa flashed a big pair of puppy eyes his way, begging as she made herself look as desperate as possible. She moved towards him, resting her head upon his chest, looking up to lock gazes with him. "You know I don't like surprises. It's so hard to wait for them. Can I just take a tiny peek? Pweety pwease?" Admittedly, this was a tad out of character. But Vanessa knew Zack's weakness; her eyes. There was nothing in the world that could save him from that look. Once he saw those eyes, he instantly caved in to her every single time. It was her ace in the hole, even when convincing him to dress up like a villain duo. But who says she couldn't do something like that?

Zack stammered and stuttered until his yellow grim reapers on his face. "Oh… well I guess one tiny look wouldn't hurt, pookie." He answered, conceding to her gaze. Yes! Vanessa bounced up and down, cheerfully giggling as Zack went to the door. He was just too easy to persuade sometimes, she thought. He then put down the bed and unbarred the door before swinging it open. Vanessa skipped all the way to the container, hopping inside. Then she stopped at the sudden surprise.

The walls, the insides of the doors, the floor, even the ceiling, all of it was lined with thick white padding. Each step she took inside made her slippered feet sink a bit, cushioning her steps. Several lights illuminated the area but Vanessa couldn't see a light switch anywhere. It was all white padding, just like the rooms that crazies get out in, a padded cell. And here she was dressed as one. Oh Harley and her adventures in the Arkham asylum. Those were some great issues. But she was more surprised to see something here let alone in the back of her boyfriend's truck. Just standing inside made her completely speechless. It explained a lot of what he was did while he was gone. But now the question was, how did he get all this.

"Oh Harley, Harley, Harley" Zack's voice shocked Vanessa as she snapped her head towards the doorway. He walked towards her with a small duffel bag in hand, chuckling as he hopped around the white room. "You were always too curious for surprises."

"What's all this for?" Vanessa asked. Although, she was tempted to break character.

Zack dropped the bag and stretched his hands out to the ceiling. “After party special!" He exclaimed. "I thought I could round up a couple of rowdy fellows and tour the city along with them. There's nothing wrong with letting loose the crazies every now and then. Just like old times!" He paused as Vanessa listened, loving the act that he was showing. "So I say we crashed this Popsicle stand, snatch whatever we can and call it a night. What do you say Harley?"

Now she was really tempted to break character. Vanessa couldn't believe it. The way he moved, talked, and acted, it was like the joker was actually in front her. He had to do a lot of research to pull this off. Hell, Zack wasn't even into comics at all. The only reason he knew about the joker was through him. And he was doing all this for her? Desperately to keep on to her inner Harley to kiss him, she played along, savoring the moment. I love you Zack. The words chimed in her mind, wanting nothing but to thank him and make sure he knew he was the best boyfriend ever.

"Sounds like a plan!" She exclaimed as the two maniacally laughed together, sharing the padded space. This was perfect! He was perfect! Everything was perfect! Oh god, Vanessa felt as if she had died and went to heaven! How can this get any better? Was it even possible at this point?

"Mmm, speaking of crazies." Zack added, pull out a strange white canvas bag from the duffel bag. Vanessa's curiosity got the best of her, watching her boyfriend unfurl the bag. To her surprise, it wasn't a bag but a white straitjacket, complete with a wild assortment of thick straps that dangled from the garment. Five hung from the back and one was on each end of the sewn closed sleeves. Vanessa blinked, almost intimidated by the jacket. Before she could even speak, Zack slipped behind her and started to feed her arms inside, pulling the jacket on her.

"Wait, Zack what are you-"

"I told you before, Harley." Zack hissed into her ear with his warped voice. His hands worked on the belts on the back, tightening each one with a sharp jerk. Vanessa looked at her hands, noticing what little room she had inside he sleeves. Concern crept in her mind as she looked back at him. “You should know who I am. And it's not Zack. Now hold still." More of the belts were tightened. Vanessa could feel him pulling each one before his lanky arms wrapped around her body, grabbing the belts to her encased arms.

"But z…mr.J, is this a real straitjacket?"

"Of course, it's real!" He pulled each one through a front loop and guided them into smaller loops on the sides of her jacket, pulling as hard as hard as he could. Vanessa began to worry, resisting a little to get a good feel on the restraint. Her arms were slowly getting tied up inside the belted cage as Zack began to fasten the arm straps, pinning her arms and tightening the jacket. The more he tightened, the more she felt a bit claustrophobic from the experience.

It was true she was technically playing a crazy person. And Harley has been in a straitjacket before. So wearing something like this is canon to the character. But something was right. In the back of Vanessa's mind she could feel something wrong with Zack. He has always surprised him before. But he never pulled something like this before. Either Zack had gone too far with his performance. Or even worse, this wasn't Zack!

After her arms were bound tightly, giving her only a little bit of wiggle room as she hug herself, fear was getting the best of her. She struggled and bucked after Zack had finished buckling her arms, watching him produced something else from the bag. "Okay, okay." She said with unease in her voice, no longer liking the canvas restraint. "You can stop now, Zack. I appreciate you doing all this but-"

Zack snatch her by the collar, pushed her against the wall, and pinned her down. His eyes stared right into hers as she felt her self being almost lifted from the move. "Do you even listen woman?!" He said in a maddened growl. And before Vanessa could get an answer out of her stuttering, she was flipped around with her stomach on the wall. His hand reached between her legs and Vanessa could feel the bite of a new canvas belt tightening over her crotch, finally sealing her fate inside the straitjacket. "I am not Zack! Do you understand me?" His hand still moved, fiddling out of her gaze. Vanessa struggled and squirmed under her grasp. Alarms began to go off in head, wanting to run away and escape. Suddenly, there was a small metal click just before Vanessa could get away. Her eyes widened at what he was holding. In his hands were a series of small pad locks.

"Wait you're locking me in this?!" She exclaimed. Zack only replied with a dark chuckle, moving closer to her. This was enough for the blond. There were too many signs, too many red flags in her head. Quickly she bolted for the door way, only to be tackled down by the deranged man, holding her still as he applied the rest of the locks, locking each strap behind her back. Vanessa bucked and kicked wildly, doing anything her power to escape. "Help! Someone help! Please! I'm beaammph gmmph!" Her mouth was stopped by a purple handkerchief being forced inside. Before she could spit out the piece of cloth, he sealed her mouth shut with a strip of tape, placing more to ensure her silence as a stream of muffled garble came past her gagged lips.

"I always thought you've talked too much." Zack said, finalizing her gag.

Vanessa bucked and thrashed in the straitjacket, mewling back with a panicked "mmmph!"

"But now that I have this taken care off, it will at least be a quiet ride to the party." Zack said with a sinister smile. He petted her hair, only for her to jerk out the way as she started back with frightened eyes. Afterwards he pushed her away, walking towards the door and jumping out. Vanessa tried to escape but he slams the door on her, locking her inside. The small window opens up, showing the scared damsel as she begged through her gag.

"Mmmph! Mmm mm mmph! Mmph!" Was all she could say, sadly.

Zack, if it really was Zack, only laughed as he replied back her plea. “Harley my dear, we are going to have a hell of a time." He slammed the window shut and the only thing Vanessa could hear was the sound of his maniacal laughter, sealing her fate inside the cell with nowhere to run away.
this is a tab bit late. but here it is, a little halloween based story with some bondage sprinkled in. it's been a LOONG time since I wrote straitjacket play. and it feels good going back to one of my favorite types of bondage. :)

anyways, hope you all enjoy it! 
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