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Psychotic pleasures chapter 3

"Rose...Rose..." chimed a voiced that echoed through out her head, calling her out of the darkness. she groaned for a moment by the voice. her whole body oddly felt like it had gotten a good 10 hours of sleep. she felt refreshed...if not content to an extent. he let out a small moan from her mouth as she licked her lips for a moment...wait...she could lick her lips? more importantly, her mouth was free? she moved her jaw and lips, feeling no sign of any straps of leather or even that ball that was shoved in her mouth. the muzzle was off! instantly happiness started to radiate as she went to open her eyes...only to have it converted into despair and fear the moment they opened. she was still inside the same cell as before. only the lights have dimmed down. how long was she asleep? all the padded cells usually have their lights turned off remotely around 9:00 pm. the only question is, how long has she been sleeping PAST that time? her eyes had a small deal of sleep on them. she moved her hands to rub it out only to find that her arms and legs were impeded from moving. that didn't stop her from trying again. she then looked behind her as behind her as best as she could. her arms were now encase and bound tightly in a new restraint black restraint. it bound her arms firmly together with black belts and wrapped her hands inside the pocket of latex. her legs on the other hand were tied securely, forcing her legs to be bent completely. now she was even more confused and scared. when did she get out of her straitjacket? and when did the institution carried these restraints.

" and Sleeping beauty awakes." giggled the voice. Rose looked around rapidly for the origin from where it came from. " over here." it said again as Rose then looked to her right, spotting some walking up to her, Anita. instead of the clothes she wore before. she was now in a Nurse's uniform, looking down at Rose with a mischevious smirk on her face. " had a nice nap?" she said. " Anita?!" Rose said. she was happy to be able to have her voice back. but she spoke in fear and rage rather than happiness. " What the hell are you doing here?! and why am I tied up like this?! does michelle even know you can go around in this Institution? then again, why the hell are you able toAAAAGH!" the last part of the sentence she screamed by a sudden shock of pain that bursted in on her shin. " what the he-" " you know, you really do talk to much." Anita replied, still keeping her smile. she then bent down, putting a cataprod up infront of Rose's face. " no talking, unless spoken too." " who the hell do you think you AAAAAAGH!" Anita poked her again with the cataprod, this time on her shoulder. " tsk, tsk, tsk. not co-operating won't get you anywhere." Rose was about to say something. but she weight her situation at the moment. she was bound and Anita was armed with a cataprod. her odds of her actually getting to her were slim. she held back her words for now, struggling to break free as Anita circled her like a vulture. " don't expect to get out of that anytime soon." Anita cooed as she grabbed her arm, pulling her upright on her knees. " that armbinder on yours is strapped on tight." armbinder? since when did the institution had these? Anita looked at the helpless women, satisfied by her position. she then walked over to a clip board that at the corner of the padded cell, picking it up and reading it. " let's see....ah. Rosaline hollands. newly committed patient. symptoms... ooh this is really interesting." she said to her self. Rose was really confused and full of fear. " I be commi-" " what did I tell you?" Anita said cutting her off as she immediately pointed the cataprod at her face. Rose moved back as much as she could away from the rod. " I-I'm sorry..." " thank you, Rosaline." she then continued off reading. " My, My. I was unaware how Mentally unstable you are. the director has made an excellent decision committing you." " WHAT?!" Rose exclaimed. she was shivering with maddening fear. Anita did not threatened her this time. she only looked at her with her dark cheshire cat smile. " b-but I'm not crazy. I swear I'm not." " oh no dear." Anita said walking towards her. " you are absolutely insane. there is no doubt about that. sneaking into padded cells and teasing those poor men. all to feul that insane unatural addiction of yours." the more Anita spoke, the more Rose was scared. " did you know about that?" Rose said. her eyes were begging to run away, pleading to be released. but sadly Anita's eyes were not agreeing with her request. " it's all in the patient archieves. you're our new addition to the records." all together Rose had lost it.

" NO NO NO! I'M NOT INSANE! I'M NOT- AAAAAGH!!!" Rose back away from the cataprod, trying her best to get away from Anita. " NO! I'M NOT CRAZY, I SWEAR!" " oh stop your whining." anita replied walking up to her fail attempt to stay away from her. she firmly grasp her shoulder, anchoring Rose near her. " I'm not crazy! you got to-" " shhhh" anita said cutting her off. " that's enough from you." Anita spoke. Rose stopped the yelling, but inside her heart was racing wildly, hammering inside her chest. " we don't want the other patients to wake up now don't we?" " b-but I don't belong-" before Rose could finish her sentence a familiar sight made her eyes bulge from the look of it as Anita held up the same muzzle she strapped on her mouth before. " OH GOD NO! PLEASE NOT THAT!" she yelled move her face away from it. " then i suggest no yelling young lady. is that clear?" Rose still kept her face away from muzzle but she nodded in compliance. " good girl." Rose chirped as she walked away from her, standing perfectly in front of her. " now as I was saying." she started. " you are being committing for your unatural sexual behavior. we fear that it made be conflicting with society and could lead to a development of an obsession of raping or kidnapping others." " but I-" " Did I ask a question to you, young lady?" even though rage was building within Rose, her scared state got the best of her. " no..." she said meekly. " good. then, you must know that you're in here in this facility for your own good. you are very ill person Rosaline. and I am only here to help you, understood?" Rose was hesitant to anwser her question. " ill? what do you mean ill?" she said giving her an confused look. Anita only giggled at her. " come now Rosaline. your mind is un-" " you can't do this to me! I'm not insane!" " oh really?" Anita replied, almost challenging her statement. " then explained all those times of sneaking inside the violent patient ward, for cheap thrills. all those times you couldn't help to self to take advantage of the bound patients, just to satisfy that undying hunger of yours. like before Michelle restrained you for the first time. if she didn't saw you on that moment and sent you back your senses, that man you had teased time and time again would have suffered once again."

As Anita spoke, Rose was starting to think clearly for the first time since she had woken up from her sleep. " did you know about that?" she started. infact. the only people who were suppose to know about the times she had teased patients were Michelle and the director. No one else hasn't even heard a word about what had happened. " all that information was suppose to be confidential. how the hell do you even know what have been doing over the past few weeks? more importantly, when did you started working here or even have accessed to patient files." Anita didn't speak at all. she just gave her the same evil smirk which only made her more off the edge. she struggled again, thrashing about in her restraints. " You freak! what the hell are you doing to me?! does michelle even know what you're doing to me you bitch! AAAAAAGH!" again another strike from the cataprod. " watch your language young lady." Anita chirped. " Stop calling me that-AAAGH!" Rose closed her eyes trying so hard to make this nightmare go away. " this can't be real. this is all a dream. this is all a dream." she said to her self. she hoped that this was a dream. one that she could easily wake out of and forget. " now, now Rosaline." Anita started. " Michelle is none of your concern. there is no need of her to know about how your treatment is administered. neither is it in her jurisdiction." " ...treatment?" Rose echoed back in confusion. what ever it was, Rose didn't really like the sound of it. Anita just smirked at her as she dropped the clip board. walking towards the padded cell door. If only Rose's feet weren't tied, she could have charged into Anita and made a run for it out of the ward. it would have been a long shot. but there was a slither of hope with in it. " wait right here." Anita giggled as she walked out of the padded cell, closing the door behind her. Rose's Mind on the other hand was racing with questions. what was going on? was this really the Anita Rose knew? No. it couldn't be. she was just dreaming. right? she wanted to believe that...but now it was hard to even think that was the truth.

After a few minutes of waiting, Anita returned back to the padded cell that she was left to wait in. but what she came back with shocked her. dragging behind her with one hand, was the guy. The same guy she teased over and over again during her raids in the cells. The man that suffer so much torture by being aroused by Rose. he was still bound in the same extra restraint Straitjacket, with belts tightly securing him inside the canvas cage. even the muzzle was still strapped on him, preventing him from speech. despite the restraints wrapped on his body, he still bucked about, trying desperately to escaped out of the cell. but then his eyes were fixed on Rose, staring her down. Rose averted her gazed, but still felt the heat of her gaze pucturing her skin. " Rose." Anita's voice cooed at her as she stood there in front of her. a firm hand was on one of the straps of the jacket. " I want you finish what you started." Rose gave a dumb look at her, what she meant. " finish what I started?" she replied puzzled. Anita just gave a hopeless sigh, returning her question with a look saying " isn't it obvious?" " isn't this the man, or one of the many men you would fondle with daily here?" " wait. so you want me mean that?!" Rose said finally understanding what she meant. she was hoping she was mistaken. but if she wasn't, Rose would have to arouse this man even further. " yes." Anita said smirking at the disbelieving Rose. " I want you finishing pleasing. I want you to finish what you started. You had no right to just lead him on like that." "HELL NO!" Rose instantly said. behind treated like crazy was one thing. but Rose made it clear to her self not to go back to that same path as she did before. she wanted to be clean. No more of her old ways.

Rose crossed her arms as she let go of the male patient, leaving him to go struggle to break free in a corner. " are you not co-operating with me?" she said as she walked up to her. Rose could feel the fear being pressed back inside her body. but she kept her courage in check. " there is no way I'm going to do anymore flirting to him. I can't anyways. you have me tied up! what do you want me to do? suck him off or something?!" Anita only giggled as she kneeled down to her level. " oh Rose..." she said as she was now nearly inches away from her. Rose tried to scoot back only to be pulled closer to her till their faces were nearly touching. " either you do what say...or else..." she trailed off, letting her actions do the rest of the talking. Rose's eyes were fixed on Anita's face. But she then felt a curious hand move up to her breasts, playfully feeling the soft skin that was being covered by the material of her bra. Thank god, her undergarments were still on. but she still felt highly uncomfortable with her touching. her face instanly bright red, as she shook off her hand as best as she could. " what are you doing?!" she said trying to back away, but Anita pushed her down to the soft padded floor of the cell, placing an arm over her to prevent from attempting get up, despite her bound state. " the same thing you've done to those poor patients." she said with her sly smirked as she craned her head to her neck, kissing it lightly as she slowly build up passion. Rose's eyes widened from the first kissed. " Wha?! Anita! GET OFF ME!"  she yelled trying to get off as best as she could, but her movement was futile. her legs were still tied tightly and force them to stay bent, while her arms were still incase in the black apparatus. Anita's kisses were now bursting with passion as her tongue brushed up against her neck. " ANITA!" Rose yelled at her. "STOP IT! THIS ISN'T THE SAME AS WHAT I WAS DOING!!" " is it?" Anita's whispering voice questioned.

Instantly after wards, she twisted Rose's body around, putting her back down to the floor of the cell. However, due to her bound position, her arms were now being crushed between the soft padding and her back. Quickly Anita got on top of her, pinning her down as she straddled her. Her wicked smile still on her face, looking down at the scared damsel. "Just two days ago, you wouldn't think twice to take advantage of this situation. Feeling up on all of those men, bound and gagged. Especially him…" her eyes looked over to the man who was still struggling for his precious freedom. Rose's eyes followed after hers. But Anita then looked back at her victim. " now, dear." She cooed to her. " if you do not wish for me to show your ways in your victim's shoes, finish what you started." Anita commanded sweetly. Rose's heart was racing as she found it quite difficult to choose. Either suffer hell, or suffer hell. Either way she had to choose and fast. Or else Anita would have to choose for her. She felt her head slowly nodded at her. "Y-yes ma'am." She spoke meekly as Anita's smile got bigger. "that's a good girl." She said petting her on the head as she got off of her, lifting her up on to her knee. Inside, Rose was still kicking her self for the decision. She was being absolutely submissive to her! But what choice did she have.  Anita was now spinning her around, making her face the madman as she gave out a soft chuckle to her self.

" my you look so sexy when you're bound." She commented. Rose didn't retaliate this time. Fear had already engulfed her will to fight back. She was in total despair. "You…you won't get away from this…" she tried to say trying desperately to muster up her shattered courage. "Oh?" Anita spoke curiously. " you act as if I'm breaking the law. I'm just giving you your treatment." She said innocently. As if this whole thing was just some game to her. " y-you weren't suppose to be here! Only Michelle was allowed to deal with me!" Rose said trying harder to break away from her fearful state. Anita was about to speak but then she stood up. Walking around Rose like a hunting vulture. "True, true." She spoke. The look on her face suggested that she was lost in thought. "Hmmm…it seems I forgot that detail…well then, Rosaline. I would most appreciate it if you do not share this session with Ms.Waters." "Don't share it with Michelle? OVER MY-""In fact." Anita spoke, cutting off Rose once more. " tell ms.Waters that you request a new care taker." Rose's eyes shoot out. "What?!" she exclaimed, which only Anita smile again. " it's simple really. Just tell her you don't want to see her again. That you would like a new chaperone for this punishment that you got threw." " BUT I DON'T-" "tsk, tsk, tsk. Temper temper, Rosaline. I'm ashamed by it. I do understand that you and Ms.Waters are friends but you must-" " THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL I WOULD DO THAT!"  Rose yelled out, ushering out a pause of silence. she maybe scared out of her mind. but nothing was going to make her betray her dear friend Michelle.

Anita was shocked by the outburst but then walked up towards Rose with a non chalantly additude, kneeling down towards her. Rose was slightly regret ever yelling out like that. was she going to amp up her certain 'treatment'? or even worse. is she going to use the cataprod again. " Rosaline." Anita spoke sweet but firmly at the same time. " it's important that you tell Ms.Waters to pass her duties to another Nurse..." Rose shoke her head frightingly, avoiding eye contact. " n-no. I won't do it." she stuttered. " yes, you will. failure to do so will result more lovely sessions with me." " wha-what?" Rose said causing her heart rate to sky rocket as she made eye contact on accident. " yes Rosaline. only these will more 'intense' treatments to help cure your illness. and maybe I should gorilla glue that pretty little mouth off yours so we won't have to deal with that evil muzzle any more. " she continued adding an evil smirk to the last part to crush every last bit of her strenght to fight back. Rose was now cowarding, nodding her head desperating to get her away. " ok, ok. okay I'll do it!" she cried. trying desperately to get Anita away. she back away walking towards the patient. " good." she said happily. as she grasp firmly at the straps of the bound male, pulling him closely towards Rose as she started to coward again. but she closed her eyes once more letting a tear drop as she put her head down. " please god...let this nightmare end!"


"Rose!Rose wake up!" said another familiar voice. a more friendly voice this time. wait, it was michelle. a few more moments of realization lead Rose to notice that her arms felt as if they were folded in a hugging position. she also felt some kind of strap between her legs. yep, she was still in the straitjacket. Rose tried to let out a groan of some sort. despite her torturous 'nightmare' she felt as if she had gotten some serious sleep. but oddly she felt something on her face, prevent her from speaking. it was the muzzle that michelle had put on her. how did she get back into this? was last night even real? " come on sleeply head. I'm not waiting all day." Michelle's voice teased. Rose finally opened her eyes, getting temporarily blinded by the cell light. she was lying down on the ground with Michelle kneeling over her. " rise and shine, Rose." she chirped as she began to work on her Muzzle. Despite her Happiness of seeing michelle again and to be free to speak once more, last night still stayed firmly in her mind. that couldn't have been real...right?! the moment her mouth was free to speak she began. " Michelle." she said almost hastily. " there we go. for a minute there I thought you were going to-" " where was Anita last night?" Rose spoke. Michelle blinked for a second, trying to figure out Anita's expression. " huh?" was all she managed to say after a brief moment of thinking. " where's Anita? was she with you or anything?" " Rose, why do you want to-" " just tell me! please! was Anita with you last night?!" Rose said this time hurried and demanding. Michelle took a moment to recall the night. " well let's see... I saw her going by the side parking lot so I went to say hi. then we talked for a while... then she said she forgot something inside the hospital. so I went back in with her. then we went our seperate ways back home...why?"

Rose was some what relieved by Michelle speaking. but still fear crepted up her spine, pounding on it to prevent her from being at ease. the more she tried to tell her self it was a dream, the more it seemed real to her. Last night was probably one of the worst things that have ever happened to her. inside the straitjacket she was in, her heart was bashing on her chest rapidly. Michelle began to feel concern. " Rose, what's wrong?" she asked. Rose looked at her with a face that was desperately crying for help. " Michelle...I think Anita is in on all of this." Michelle gave out a look of disbelief. " what are you talking about?" " Anita! you're Anita! she's not what you seem I swear!" " what are you-" "Michelle, please listen to me! Last night before you went to lock me up. Somehow, Anita got inside the cell. then she-" " wait what?" Michelle asked. this time she was in total disbelief. she stood up, giving Rose an odd look. " are you okay Rose?" " I'm fine! really I am! Anita came into my padded cell and she...well..." Michelle looked down at her. her arms were crossed, wanting to hear more of the story. but at the same time, wishing the ending was near. " she was...feeling me all over..." Michelle gave a small sighed but her face gave out a little smile. " you're not fooling anyone Rose." she said quite bored of the game she thought she was playing.

" I'M DEAD SERIOUS!" Rose exclaimed as she stood up. " Your girlfriend was trying to get into my pants!" Michelle stood back a few feet from Rose's movement. " it was even worse to! she tied me up and hit me with a cataprod repeatedly while I was in some kind of wierd thing that bound my arms! Michelle I'm not kidding! Anita could have planned the whole entire thing! she even knows what I've been doing before I got into this! Please you got to help me before-" " Rose, stop it." Michelle said firmly as she looked at Rose square in the eyes. her face was no longer playing with her. it was sturn and down to business. Rose looked back at her with disbelief. she wasn't believing her! how could she? she knew well that she was sane. Michelle gave out another sigh as she turned around. " I had enough. Let's just get you fed okay?" " Michelle please, I'm not crazy! Anita is-" "ROSE, SHUT THE HELL UP!"

Silence then exploded in the room afterward. time stood perfectly still as Rose stared at her best friend, not believing was she said. " michelle..." Rose said softly, making a crack into the long pause of silence. Michelle didn't budge nor did she reacted. her hand was on the padding of the door, propping her body up as it leaned against it, her head was limped down. Rose walked closer to her, noticing her facial expressions.  her eyes were closed shut as if she was trying very hard to fight back tears. Rose walked closer wanting to place a hand on her shoulder. too bad she was still bound in this damn straitjacket. seconds after wards, Michelle pushed the door, storming out of the cell. " w-Wait! where are you-" SLAM! before Rose could finish her sentence, Michelle slammed the door to her cell, locking her in it. Rose just stared at the door with confusion, fear, betrayal, and despair. How could she? How could she NOT believe her? sure, she was trussed up in this god damn canvas restraint and locked up in a cell over night. Michelle of all people should know that she wasn't crazy at all. why would she leave her like that. Rose felt as if she just lost a great war. her knees gave in, dropping her body down til she was kneeling. then with out any effort to even  balancing her self, she fell down on to the floor. tears then began flow down her face, watering her eyes and wetting her dirty blond hair that was stretched out on the floor and acting as a silky flat pillow for her head. she could care less for that or the fact that the tears were dampening her vision. she didn't even make an effort to wipe her eyes. all she did was curl up alittle, trying desperately to forget that "dream" of hers. but the more she tried to forget, the more she worried about it's reoccurance.

Rose stayed in her cell for what seemed like really slow hours before the door opened up again. to her surprise it wasn't Anita nor Michelle. but another woman. a tall, exotic skinned and slim bodied lady that wore her black hair in thin braids. thankfully it was someone that didn't know she worked here at all. Rose have never seen her before. thank god that building was quite big and there were divisions for other things besides mental patients. Still when she called her out of her cell, Rose silently obeyed her commands, walking out of the padded room so she maybe be escorted out. But Rose still thought. Wasn't Michelle was suppose to be the only one that would take care of her? why did she had accessed as well as Anita. Something wasn't adding up. And she was beginning to wonder what was the final verdict on her sentence.

minutes later, she was finally released from her jacket once again as Rose's body yearned for arm movement. the ebony skinned woman had escorted her to the shower hall where she had the showers all to her self. " you have 30 minutes all to your self." the woman said in a friendly but professional tone. " I will also be watching you as well." " I understand." Rose nodded. inside she was once again happy to be released. that straitjacket was like a vice grip sometimes. Rose then began to get undress, taking off the clothing that she had one ever since yesterday when she was forced to be strapped in. she had been waiting for this for such a long time. she turned on the water on the shower hall letting the rain trickle down on her body, tickling her skin lightly. just another soothing taste of heaven before being thrusted back forcefully back to hell. still she didn't complain. nor did she didn't think about it. The hot water was fogging her mind as well as bringing up some erotic memories. soon after Rose then began to remember the time of her certain "happy time" being bound and gagged for the first time. it was a unexpected experience but one that still begged to be finished. she was so close that one time and the mere recall of the memory teased her finish the job. she had to calm her self down. that woman was watching her, she thought to her self as she eyed the dark woman with an embarrassed look. if only the would allow time to her self. she sadly turned the water tempature to cold and sighed.

after her shower, she walked back the woman who was holding new fresh clothes for her, a white bra and panties. " after you put these on, we'll go ahead and put that jacket back on you." she said. " alright." Rose sighed putting on the clothes. she just had to kill the mood did she. she took her time though before they strapped her back in. she was going to draw out as much freedom as she could. after being strapped in, the woman then approached her again. this time with a small bag in her hand. " Ms. Hollands is it?" she said. " yes." Rose replied. " I noticed that you weren't wearing a muzzle gag. I know I'm new to this whole violent patient ward but all violent patients are to be gagged for suicidal and silence issues." the woman spoke retrieving a Muzzle from the bag. not this thing again! she really had enough with those things now. " um, miss?" Rose said stopping her from starting to strap it on her face. " yes?" " Um...My caretaker, Michelle took it off my muzzle. she uh...had to go somewhere. but she allowed to be ungaggged. " Rose said trying desperately to persuade the new girl. she was technically telling the truth...well almost all of the truth. The woman thought for a moment. " oh yeah, that one girl. I wonder what was up with her." Rose blinked. " what happened?" " don't know. she just told me to take her job while she went out for a while." the women then looked at Rose for a second. " I don't suppose you didn't anything did you?" she said accusingly. Rose shook her head. " no, no. I didn't." Despite her honesty, the woman did not look pleased by Rose's anwser. " Riight." she comment. " But Iemph!!!" before Rose could interject, the woman pushe the muzzle on to her face and began to buckle it. " Listen, whether you're telling the truth or not, I can't help you. rules are rules after all." " mmmmhp!" but it was no use. she was once again, making useless words. she sighed. Where could Michelle be doing.

after being escorted back to her cell, time once again began to slow down again as Rose waited impatiently for Michelle. Was she okay? did Rose hurt her feelings? is she talking to the director? so many questions were being drawn up. as well as ones revovling around Anita. so many questions that need anwsers. and yet her ability to seek out these anwser was very limited due to the fact that she was still locked inside a small cube and restrained by a white webbing a belts and a brown webbing that kept her mouth shut. But all this waiting was literary driving her to brink of insanity. here she was, unable to do anything at all, trussed up and wrapped in canvas and leather, and the only thing she could do is struggle uselessly til Michelle showed up. that's all she could do...well beside her obvious urges...but she fought hard to continue that. she laid there on her side, feeling the soft padding of the cell as she felt time crawl by her slowly. now THIS was driving her insane alright. she feared if she didn't get out now, she would have to stay in here Again for losing her mind in the process of this trial.

her mind started to be splashed with doubt. what if Michelle is apart of this? or maybe she's still mad at her for trying to break them up. she wasn't doing anything wrong. she was only worrying about her. it WAS kind of odd for Anita to be trying to take advantage of her like that. but still the questions about anita are left un anwsered. there was just too much black spots that need to be filled. how was she able to get in like that? she's not a nurse...nothing makes sense. a little while later, there was a noise that broke the silence in the cell. it had a small rhythem to it. foot steps! and they were getting louder from out side the cell. Rose lifted her head as the small window opened up and Rose's face gleemed up by the sight of her friend. " Mmmph!" she mewled out to her as the door over. she then walked happily over to her as Michelle went inside the cell, closing the door as she walked in. Rose's face was begging to having her voice back. Michelle's head was down for a second, but Rose didn't care at the moment, she was just glad she was here and was taking off the muzzle at this moment.

" AH! thank god, I can talk again!" she said in satisfied relieve. " I can't wait to finally get out of this trail. that way I don't have to be wearing a gag 24/7." Rose's eyes looked over to Michelle who was still looking worried. a bit down on the dumps. " Michelle?" Rose said concerned for her friend. Michelle was biting her lip as her face slumped to the ground. " listen...about this morning...I'm sorry. I shouldn't have-" Michelle put a hand up in the air as she shook her head silently. " is everything okay? you don't seem your self still." Michelle was still quiet but then she finally spoke in a soft tone. "'s official..." she said. her face looking as if it was fighting back tears. Rose blinked for a moment. " what? what's official?... wait... you mean..." Michelle nodded as her face finally made eye contact with hers. " it's official." she started up again. " you are to be committed involuntarily. and that's their final decision."

in less than a moment, Rose's insides exploded with fear. she could feel her skin lose color. " can't ... no...that can't be true...." she said in a weak voice, being at disbelief by michelle's words. she only bit her lip again, closing her eyes with a look of shame on her face. " I'm so sorry rose..." she said. all together, Rose went nuts. " THAT'S NOT FAIR!!!" Rose yelled at the top of her lungs as she thrashed wilding in her straitjacket. " YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO ME! I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS!" she then charge for the door. even though Michelle had closed it. " LET ME OUT NOW! I WANT OUT!" she demanded glared at Michelle was a bit intimidated by this. " I'm sorry but-" " OPEN THE GOD DAMN DOOR AND GET THIS DAMN STRAITJACKET OFF ME YOU BACK STABBING BITCH!" Rose roared " YOU PROBABLY SET ME UP FOR THIS! I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU!" " I didn't mean for this to happen, Rose. I'm so sorry." " OH YEAH?! YOU'RE THAT SORRY?!!! WELL YOU-"

before, Rose could finish up her sentence, the door opened, only with several other doctors and orderlies. they surrounded her holding her down as Rose tried to thrash out of her straitjacket. she kicked out her legs as she could feel the orderlies hold then down to the floor and strap something leather around them. she then glared at Michelle as she looked at her with a saddened looked. " YOU BITCH! THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT! YOU SET ME UP FOR THIS! YOU LITTLE-" she then felt a sharp pain on her left but cheek as something sharp poked her. like a small needle. she whipped her head behind her to see a small syringe pierce her skin. one of the doctors must have injected her with tranquilizer fluid. she could feel her self rapidly losing feeling in her muscles as her whole body went numb. then everything was getting blurry. the only thing she could see properly. was the sight of Michelle crying. " I'm so sorry Rose." was all she could hear...before darkness took over once again.
well here we are pp3. and along with it, Rose's sentence. BUM BUM BUUUUUUM!
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Quite lovely. :3
PascalSage Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2010
Ladydragoncat Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Nothing says "I am crazy" more than demanding to be released at the top of your lungs.

Perhaps Anita's little session was just her way of getting a confession for the director. Is that what Michelle meant by THEIR final decision? I'm actually enjoying how Rose tries to struggle with the jacket and muzzle/gags. I just wish the text wasn't extended so.

Oh well... Keep on writing!!!
PascalSage Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2010
hee hee! thanks! I'm going to convert all my writings to pdf files and try it out that way. maybe it will fix the problem.
single-leg Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2010
Yeah..its hard to read and Im trying to fave it but can't!!

From what I read I liked the part where Nurse Anita was bringing the male patient to Rose and his continuing frustration!!
UrbanSniper Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2010
Well, I'm trying to read this but I'm having a lot of difficulty with it; for some reason, the text is spilling out all over the page on me, and I can't click the download button because the text is on top of it. Doesn't seem to be my browser; I've tried different ones and cleared the cache on both of them. Strange.
6219000 Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2010
I ran into the same issue! I just copy/pasted the text into notepad to read it... but idk how to favorite it :(
UrbanSniper Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2010
Don't know if this will work for you, but I found a way around the display oddities on my side. I'm using Firefox, but it should work for IE too. Just hold down Ctrl and roll the mouse wheel down; it'll reduce the text size; just keep going until it doesn't cover the buttons. Things get pretty small, but you can then click the download and fave buttons
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